About Dorothy

cropped-win_20150507_103931-2.jpgI live in a small ex-mining town in County Durham, north-east England where I write children’s fiction and educational materials. I’ve published several short stories for children in print and digital media. On winning my first short story competition in 2007, I was comissioned to write three stories The Ghost Twin Tales for the anthology Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies. A further prize-winning competition entry Munch the Storytelling Cow was recorded as a podcast by celebrity presenter Gail Porter. My début novel, the story of a young Maasai girl’s struggle to gain education and understanding, Red God/Black God was shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015. At the moment I’m writing a fantasy novel The Forest of Imaginings.

I’ve taught English, Literacy, Essential Skills and Family Learning as well as running Creative Writing courses and workshops in schools and community settings. Currently I am self-employed as a tutor, a role I love as it enables me to develop a love of literacy in others.

My educational resources include: Better English, a self-help guide to spoken English for non-native speakers, two poetry resource packs: Listening to Literary Heritage Poetry and Listening to Rhythm in Poetry  and a Guide to Creative Writing Workshops.




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